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Hydroface is effective for:

fine lines


deep expression lines

dry skin

dark circles

What is Hydroface?

Hydroface is an innovative rejuvenating set of two creams - lifting and restoring face cream and intensive eye contour cream.
They are carefully combined for a complex skin care routine that gives visible effect!

What makes Hydroface so efficient?

Help from nature

We've picked a rich bouquet of natural extracts with powerful anti-aging rejuvenating properties to achieve the best results possible

Dermatologically approved

Carefully designed by dermatologists Hydroface day and night creams combine the gentle care of nature with proven efficiency for a velvety smooth skin.

Quality and care

Tested in laboratories with confirmed safety and efficacy qualities

How to use Hydroface (3 easy steps!)

Step #1 - Cleanse

Gently wash your face to remove any dirt and dry it off with a soft towel

Step #2 - Apply the creams

Use the tips of your fingers to apply the Lift & Restore Peptide Cream on the desired areas such as face, neck, and neckline. Then apply the Eye Contour Cream under and around the eyes. Work it in with a gentle, circular massage until completely absorbed. Use both creams twice a day.

Step 3 - Enjoy!

Wait until it's completely absorbed by the skin and enjoy the refreshing effect of Hydroface

Main advantages of Hydroface


Helps to smooth deep expression lines and wrinkles as well as to reduce depuffs and under-eye dark circles.


Enriches the skin with nutrients and vitamins for healthful and youthful look

Suitable for all ages

No matter the age or skin type Hydroface works towards smooth, supple and radiant skin


I am using @hydrofaceofficial both the moisturizing and anti-wrinkle eye contour cream, both the face cream which in addition to being super moisturizing and nourishing has an excellent anti-aging effect. I've been using it for days and my skin feels invigorated.


Maria Bertilone


Hydroface is really good, the dark circles have significantly improved and the skin immediately appeared fresher and brighter 🤩 if you want to try them I absolutely recommend them ♥


Federica Gioia


Hydroface is not the classic set of face and eye cream. I aim to contain the right ingredients to hydrate and lift the skin. The eye contour is intensive; I apply them both in the morning and in the evening. I like the evening application even more because acting all night, in the morning the skin is soft, nourished and smooth!


Vanessa Iorio


Because of the cold, my skin suffers a lot, it is always dry, red and cracked, but thanks to these new products my skin is like new: hydrated and nourished thoroughly.


Mariarita Cesarano


I have been using @hydrofaceofficial products for a week and I can't do without them! The cream makes the skin super smooth, relaxed and luminous .... 🤩 ... their eye contour is also excellent .... guaranteed lifting effect ..


Rossella Lu


Hydroface is a cream that works amazingly, eliminating wrinkles around the eyes, around the sides of the mouth of the nose, on the forehead and even on the neck. I totally recommend it ✨


Giovanna De Donato


Thanks to @hydrofaceofficial I discovered this magnificent rejuvenating set consisting of a revitalizing face cream and an intensive eye contour cream. Both promote less wrinkles, through the production of collagen, deeply hydrate the skin, making it visibly smoother and brighter. All with natural ingredients!


Giada Colosi


I started pampering my face with these innovative products from @hydrofaceofficial Two products that meet the needs of our skin. Applied twice a day, they leave the skin hydrated and also fragrant.


Mary D.


Things you should know about


We're inspired by nature: we use the riches of nature to create the perfect products. Learn more about the natural ingredient of Hydroface here.
We offer solutions that work: our specialists are relentless in developing the most effective formulations for your everyday skincare needs.
We have thought for all of you: our products are made to help you through your skincare journey and are designed to work great for all skin types and for all ages.
We aim to understand our customers: we have a specialized team that spends all its time to have conversations with our consumers and influencers..
We promise full satisfaction: we are confident that you'll love our products, but if for some reason you are not satisfied, we offer full refund.

Fast shipping

The product will be delivered to your doorstep within 2-5 business days from the date on which you placed your order via this website.

14-day money-back guarantee

We aim to please our customers, so we give you a 14-day money-back guarantee!


We offer exclusive discounts not just for the holidays!

Safe purchase

We offer different ways of payment but we guarantee that your personal information is safe and secure!

Still have questions?

Browse our FAQ section below or contact us on our email!

Does Hydroface have any contraindications?

No, both creams in the Hydroface set are based on all-natural ingredients and are clinically and dermatologically tested. Hydroface is completely safe to use and has no side effects.

Is Hydroface a day cream or a night cream?

Hydroface contains two creams: one for the face and one for the eye contour area. Both creams can be used as a day and night cream, moreover the best results come when they are used twice a day.

How long does the effect last?

You will get permanent results with Hydroface. If used regularly together and according to the instructions, both products will work in synergy and will provide you with the best results in a short amount of time.

Is Hydroface safe for the skin?

Yes, Hydroface is dermatologically tested and is completely safe for the skin. What’s more - it hydrates it and leaves it soft to the touch.

How much will I pay for delivery?

The delivery of our product is FREE.

Do you have any discounts or promotions?

Yes, we do. In order to be up to date with our promotions, you can check our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Can I return the product if I am not satisfied?

Yes, we have a 30 day money back guarantee - you have 30 days to return the product if you are not satisfied with it and we will refund you.